Sell Your Car, Mother City – Weelee is Coming to Cape Town!

Sell your car
The secret is out: something BIG has been riding the streets of Joburg – and now it’s about to ride the waves of Cape Town! That’s right – Weelee, the online car sales platform, is headed for the Mother City. We’ve been making such waves in Gauteng (the province without waves!) that we’re stretching our wings and spreading the love. Why is this good news for you? You finally have access to the best way to sell your car!

So, who are we, realee? In the world of online car selling platforms, what sets us apart? And, honestly, why should you even care? 

Allow us to introduce ourselves properly because when you sell your car with Weelee, you will experience a whole new world.


We are a Quick, Easy, and Secure Website

Thanks to our incredibly user-friendly website, the best place to sell your car happens to be wherever you are (whether that’s in a coffee shop or on top of Table Mountain). It’s really that easy. Simply enter your vehicle’s details with images, and you’re all set to go. Spend the rest of your day at the beach or roaming the Waterfront, while Weelee gets to work (and while our Jozi friends pretend they’re not jealous!). Once the Weelee team has reviewed and approved your registration, your car will be live online.

We already know what you’re thinking – when you sell your car online, security is a real concern. We get it! With our safe and secure website that uses 128-bit SSL encryption, your details will be kept completely private and your number plates blurred. Plus, your details will only be revealed to the buyer of your choice. 

Oh, haven’t we mentioned the buyers yet? That’s the best part!


We Have Pre-Approved Car Dealers

When you choose to sell your car online, you’re probably terrified of dodge buyers. In fact, we know a guy who’s online car selling journey did not end so well because of these kinds of ‘buyers’ (read about it here). We don’t want you to be that guy who falls victim to scams – ever. On Weelee’s website, your car is NOT open to the general public, so those ‘scammers’ won’t have access to you. Instead, our buyers are 100s of pre-approved, trustworthy car dealers, who are ready to bid for your car.

Oh wait, this is the best part…


You Get the Best Cash Price

What’s in it for you? As these car dealers bid higher and higher for your car, the price of your car increases, ensuring that you get the best price for your pre-loved wheels. It’s the best part of the Weelee journey!

Plus, you are under no obligation to accept any offer and your details are only disclosed to the buyer you choose. You’re also free to pull out at any time. You’re in control of selling your car – and that’s how it should be.

It’s win-win-win – for you!

But don’t just listen to us. Hear what Joburgers have had to say about us from their own mouths – they really recommend us!

To explore what all the fuss is about, visit our website. 

Weelee is a safe and secure online platform, revolutionising the car sales game. If you have any questions or want to sell your car, get in touch!

And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook! We’d love to hear from you, Cape Town!


*A call to all dealers: If you are a car dealer and would like to apply for access to used cars for sale, complete our online application.